I wonder if my personality causes my loneliness

I have been trying a few personality tests online, to find out some clues whether my loneliness is to do with my personality. I know my weakness is on the people's side of things, and probably that is why I feel trapped sometimes as I don't have anyone to talk to. Not surprise that both tests I've done are all comes back with people related issues.  Here are the results:

Psychology Today - http://psychologytoday.tests.psychtests.com/take_test.php?idRegTest=3204 

You are fairly people-oriented, although you have the potential to improve your interpersonal skills even more. In order to be successful in the entrepreneurial field, you will need to create relationships with helpful business contacts, clients, suppliers, and employees. This requires strong interpersonal skills, and a certain degree of comfort initiating conversations and networking, all of which generally seem to be strengths of yours. You may want to consider taking classes to further brush up on your people skills and assertiveness skills, but overall, you are doing quite well in this area

Cathy Presland - http://cathypresland.com 

You are motivated in your business by people. This makes you a great service provider and also a great leader and colleague. You might spend a lot of time with clients or designing new products and services until you get it ‘just right’. You have the respect of your clients and also of your co-workers or colleagues and it’s likely that you spend time coaching and mentoring your staff or other professionals in your field. However being so oriented around the service delivery means that you are not always as focused as you might be on pricing and profits in your business.